Ex girlfriend's parents?

Broke up with my ex GF, apparently, she wanted a ring round her finger, but didn't really tell me, she dropped subtle hints that I didn't get at the time...the way she put it..or what I understood at the time was that she wants to see other people. So I said, that her right and we broke up...but still didn't understand why...so I let it be...

2 months later, her parents approached my folks thru some friends (as it is in our tradition) and asked to fix us up...This baffled me as :

1. We we're broken up

2. We don't talk

3. I'm not ready...unless they wanna wait

4. Just as I was going to tell them about me not being ready for the next year or so but I would be fine as long the ex girlfriend and I can sort things out, I saw her at a shopping mall with another guy. I've seen them together immediately after we broke up too...she dated this guy before me...so I'm pretty sure he was a rebound

I was quite perplexed then about this...so I shot her down...later on, I tried talking to her and asking her about this but she won't answer my calls or texts...coz she sent me a text once saying that I've stressed and embarrassed her and her family by shooting her down...I tried severally to talk to her about my concerns but no joy! She still thinks I shot her down(5 times in total( because I was jes fooling around with her for 2 years...which of course is not true

Her folks, common friends, her family all think I'm the bad guy. I live in a pretty small community, where my business becomes the town's.

My rep has taken a pretty big smack and everyone thinks I the player.

I want to set it straight with her & possibly go for a new beginning of I'm satisfied with her explanation but cant, she told me to talk to her folks...I was planning to tell her folks why I shot her down.. including the other guy...and my concerns about "communication" in our relationship...as they are a pretty tight-knit family...which is supposed to be pretty conservative as well... and she did tell me to talk to her dad about any concerns I might have...I tried getting her friends involved as well but no joy...either

Any thoughts..?


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  • There's nothing wrong


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