Does he still love me?

so my ex and I are church friends, i broke up with him earlier this year because I felt guilty for not letting my parents know about our relationship. He begged me for about a month to get back with me but I was afraid but I was in love with him. after that he began dating other girls, i asked him to give our relationship another chance but he did not want to he was scared of getting hurt, and so he bacame a playboy and he blames me for that. 8 months I have been giving him signals i still want to get back with him but he does not seem interested. I told him last week in a text message saying and asking him for us to be friends like how we were, and he said we can't just be friends with someone we once loved. But my argument with him was I am still going to see him every Sunday in church, and not talking with him makes me feel so weird as clearly he has moved on and I am in the process of moving on, but when Sunday came I told him hi, and he said hi to me but did not look at my eyes and speak, and when I was not looking at him he was looking at me. My question is if he is over me, why does he not want to look in my eyes? does he still have feelings on me?


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  • I could speculate the possibility that he does have feelings for you, but it doesn't seem to be enough for him to want to come back. I understand how he feels and the truth is, you need to come forward with him and stop with the whole friendship garbage. That's the most damaging thing you've done in reconnecting with him. But hope is not lost. Give him some time to think things over and it's really important to re-enforce with him soon that you are still interested in getting back together. I've been in similar situations from both ends and I can tell you the best way to approach this effectively is to take things slowly and to constantly try to look at it from his perspective. Be patient with him and remember to not rush him. Most importantly, don't give up. Once he see's that you're serious and committed to work it out, he will have to stop and really consider the possibility.

    • But how long should I wait? It hurts a lot.. It's been 10 months now and he is currently doing his major examination and I hope after his exam he will talk things out wit me.. Hmmm..

    • Timing means a lot. So wait until he's finished with his exam and then text him.

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