How to get him to talk to me again?

My ex and i broke up because my parents didn't approve of our relationship. my parents still act like im in high school even though im 18. once im 19 i want to start talking to him again cause he said he would always be my friend. some stuff came up about my parents trying to get him fired from his job if he tried to talk to me again. in a text he said maybe in the future if we can talk again he will consider it. im confused cause he said he would and now he said he might. wtf is going on?


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  • I understand the importance of paying the proper respect to your parents. But when you chose them over the person you're dating, especially when you are 18 or older, it's a personal slap to their face. I had a friend in the same situation and I could see how painful it was when she chose what her parents wanted rather than what she wanted. If you want him to talk to you again, stop with the friend garbage and tell him that you're an adult and you want to either date him or not date him. If your parents don't approve now, it's unlikely they'll approve later. I know what parents think, and the truth is, they get over it because you're their child. Your ex is not going to get over it because that relationship is a different dynamic that you need to respect.

  • He'll talk to you... He's just playing it safe.

    • he said he would consider it but when I'm older like when I'm 20 maybe cause tons of shit went down

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