My ex blocked me on fb 2 weeks after the break up when I wasn't even contacting him?

My ex lefted me for a girl he just met and wasn't even dating at least when he broke up with her and he deleted me off of fb right away. I accepted the break up pretty well I was a little upset but I didn't go crazy. Then 2 weeks after he blocked me? Why? And I know it wasn't the new girl they weren't that serious


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  • After a breakup, it's pretty much given that both parties could stalk each other online. There are programs that allow one to access your account photos, even if you're not their friends. The only way to prevent your snooping is to block you, since you can still see him if you're unfriended.

    • That's a good theory but I really really doubt he thinks I'm doing that.. Lol once in awhile I checked his fb but just to see his face. His accounts pretty secured anyways

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  • Mostly people block ex's to make it final and to symbolize that it's a chapter that has ended. It's how some people process a break up and go about putting it behind them. Likely he also doesn't want you knowing what is going on in his life anymore too as he might be afraid of hurting you further.


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