What are the signs your ex wants you back?

idk if he wants me back for a hook up or he realizes that he actually wants to be with me again? how can I know for sure without asking him..what actions would he be making?


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  • All he wants to do is come over to your place (or have you come over to his place) and hop in bed. He doesn't even waste time taking you out to eat, watch a movie, or just go dancing. He doesn't even really want to talk when you get there. When you get to his house or he comes over to yours, you head for the bedroom the moment you walk in the door.

    He always compliments your physical appearance but never your ideas or your intelligence. He is always completely focused on your body.

    He turns down any idea that involves doing anything outside of the bedroom. He is not interested in your life outside of sex.

    He doesn't want to meet your friends, have you meet his friends, or meet any family members.

    The two of you rarely talk on the phone, email each other, or have any kind of communication.

    He doesn't want to talk about the future or where your relationship is going. There is no talk of dating exclusively dating each other, settling down, or any kind of long term commitment at all.

    All of the gifts he gives you are in some way related to the bedroom, such as lingerie, perfume, or even sex toys.

    He calls you very late on weekend nights asking you whether both of you can get together.

    When he is finished with making love to you he tries to get you out of his house or if he gives you excuses about why he has to rush off to some other place.


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  • f they are hinting or skirting the issue, just ask them nicely. If they leave funky messages on your phone, txts, or emails when drinking then that is a sign they may still have feelings for you as well.

    It depends on the situation what to do after that.

    1) If they are an ex by your choice and you are considering giving it a go, think about what the differences are now that might let it work a second time.

    2) If you are involved with someone else and happy, it's still nice to share your feelings with the ex and tell them the truth. This will give you some closure and possibly help them move on. Plus if you care about them, it's the right thing to do.

    Makes excuses for calling you, wants to hang out, or talks about the "way things used to be" a lot.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

    • Well the thing is we hooked up but I don't know if he could be using me as a hook up or if he's just confused on what he wants. he's been texting me some.. not much. what do you think? what should I look out for?

    • Make sure he's not after you for sex.

    • I know I was asking how do I know?

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