Should I break up with my boyfriend of three years?

We are in our senior year of high school together. Should I wait until after graduation? He's a great boyfriend, kind, caring, attentive. But recently we just haven't had time for each other. We sort of seem like we are in our own worlds with our own friends. He's kind of like a child in the sense he doesn't want to think about his future and wants to remain a kid forever. I like being a kid too sometimes (who doesn't?) but I also have ambition to do other things with my life. And our relationship is just not what it used to be. I know we love each other dearly, but maybe we're just not in love anymore. If I break up with him and we're still in classes together things might get awkward or we might end up getting back together again because of just missing our routine, missing having someone there. We never show PDA at school or really anywhere. So you can say we're a pretty laid back couple. It might be easier if we wait till we go off to college to break things off instead of making things difficult now. But is it wrong to keep things going if you feel more like friends than a couple?


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  • This situation seems as though you have matured and he hasn't. After having my 1st relationship w/a guy who had no goals or ambition, that has become a huge deal breaker for me. One difference is that we are both in our 20s, graduated college and are more time pressed to actually figure out our stuff for the future. He never wanted to take responsibility for what would happen in the future. I like living day to day, but I also like thinking about my future because I want to be happy in life. Do what your gut tells you because he may end up maturing or he may not.

  • I think you should just break it off now, rebounding when you get to college could end up with you making a lot of mistakes...


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