Sent my ex a general snapchat?

I sent my ex a general snapchat that i sent to quite a few people, it wasn't something you could reply to, this is the first contact I've made in nearly two months when things ended. He opened it straight away, like in 30 seconds, does this mean anything?


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  • It means he had his phone in his hand or was able to get to it quickly... don't take it as a sign, it probably means nothing. If my phone's on my desk or in my hand and I get a message or anything, if I can, I usually check it right away.
    Don't read into it more than you should. :-)

    • Yeah i thought as much haha, even if its from your recent ex?

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    • Damn, hoped it might mean something haha. Thats the first contact we've had since we ended

    • It's a big world out there... There are other guys who are worth pursuing :-)

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  • It means he probably had his phone out when you sent it. I mean honestly you are being a little bit too optimistic if you think that him opening your snap quickly is a sign of something.

    • Haha i agree, just wishful thinking. If you're ex snapchat you out the blue when you haven't spoken in a couple of months and it had ended badly would you think much of it? don't want to be making a fool out of myself

    • Well depends on how badly it ended, if it wasn't completely horrible I would probably think that you wanted to make up and stop being on bad terms.

    • We were talking about getting back together but he thought we would have the same fights so he said I should move on then a week later he got with someone else infront of me and we haven't spoken since

  • It means he opened it quickly.

  • Yes he want to continue his relationship with you.


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