Don't you just hate it when ex wants to make sure you are ok?

Like who the f are you to make sure I'm okay! He broke up with me 8 months ago and from time to time he would ask me how I am or would text me something stupid, but when I do that he ignores or refuses to hang out. It's so obvious that he doesn't want to do anything with me but just feels quilty and wants to actually make sure that I don't hate him and that the I'm now totally fine. I told him when we broke up that I don't want a fake ass friendship, that I will be fine and happy without him and that I don't hate him and I wished him happy life. He said it's not one of those friendships that you just say it, but it's obvious that it is. If he really wanted my company he wouldn't reject it so many times by now. Hell I'm sure if I called him now to play an x-box game he would refuse, like always. There are so many exes who are like that and I'm sick of it. Either we're friends or we're nothing, make up your goddamn mind! AAAAAA! Sorry :D


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  • Here it is... Some people can't stand being not liked...
    It's hard to let go of an ex on good terms, a little confusing, especially when you leave as "friends".
    Its like... A part of him is still connected to you, and he thinks about you, from time to time... A part of you in his mind is "his" ... Though he knows its not right, and you'll eventually end up with someone else... He can't help but care.
    The reason he keeps you at arms length... He knows the more time you spend together; it increases the likelihood one or both of you may again develop feelings.
    I don't know the reasons why are the terms of your break up... But my impression is that you both loved each other but, towards the end, something happened... a falling away of some sort... Am I wrong?

    • No he doesn't give two flying fucks about me. :D He cares only for himself. He dumped me because he didn't want a relationship anymore, said that he wants to be selfish and care free.

    • Yeah... Honestly, if it were me, I would just give up on the friendship altogether.
      Personally... I tried this whole friendship thing with exes... And it never works... Once you had romantic involvement with someone you can't go back to being friends... It's over.

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  • I like it, it means he still cares.


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  • If you don't like it, just ignore him. Eventually he'll get the hint.
    Caring is well and good, but if you've let him know more than once that you're fine and don't want it to turn into 'friendship', you don't owe him anything. Sounds like a bit of a nut, maybe jealous or something.

    • I'm totally fine with being friends with him. But his "friendship" is so fishy and confusing and I can't do that. Whenever I ask him to do something, for example watch a tv show together, he will just flat out say that he would rather watch it alone. And then a week later he asks me to watch a new episode. I say okay, everything is cool. After a week I ask him to play new xbox game, he says no. Then some days later he asks me to go to watch a movie. But the biggest? was when I was actually visiting my brother in his country (we were LDR) and he KNEW I was there for few days, that he didn't even bothered to ask to meet up. I visit my brother like 2 times a year and my ex and I didn't see each other in a year, so why wouldn't he want to go grab a coffee or something, if we are friends already? He then told me he didn't knew I was visiting but our mutual friend told me he told him I was there and he said "really? cool" to that. So yeah...

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    • Yeah I agree. And this has nothing to do with "maybe I'm not over him", I am friends with two of my exes, I know how friendship should look like, and this is definitely not it. I don't need unnecessary people in my life. I've been ignoring him for quite some time now, it's funny that he got offended now hah. He can suck a donkey dick!

    • Right on! B-) Best of luck to you, you deserve the best

  • Yeah tell them to go suck a donkey dick.


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