My friend is caught up on a girl he was seeing (not anymore) and is anxious, what can I do to help?

Ok bare with me here..

he's my friends with benefits and broke down to me this morning that he feels so anxious about why this girl he was seeing changed and lead him on, treated him the way she did.

i want to help him, I really care for him I just don't know how. He's under a lot of pressure at work and his family too I want to make it go away. Any advice? He's anxious in the way that he can't sleep, it keeps his mind busy. He was awake an hour earlier than we were meant to get up tosay

they ended things a month ago, went out for 2 months. She's 27, he's 25, I'm 22. I've been seeing him for a year and it breaks my heart to see him upset. I do like him, it sucks he liked another girl but I still can't let him feel like this.


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  • i think you need to be careful about getting hurt yourself, if he's this upset about another girl

    • Thank you and I agree with that, but fact is we are friends with benefits. I care for him and want him to be happy but do I feel a spark between us? No. I just really want to help him through this. A grown man cried in front of me and it sucked to see him upset like any friend

    • Okay well if you're sure you can handle it the best thing i can think of is to keep him distracted, do lots of things together and make sure he isn't by himself and wallowing

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