How common is cheating?

When and why does it happen?

im a 29 year old woman... I'm very attractive and there is this guy who works in my building who is so hot... We keen eyeing each other... So I think it's mutual... There is this amazing chemistry...
only prob is he has a girlfriend of 8 years... She is pregnant too... and fat... But she was fat before she got pregnant...

I am not about to break up a happy couple... But I was just wondering... For my imaginations sake... Would this guy sleep with me if he could?

how common is this type of thing?


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  • For your imagination?

    Well, unfortunately he has a girlfriend already, otherwise things are looking good for you both, both of you are equally attractive! that's great. To answer your question, yes he can sleep with you if he wanted to, and people do these kind of things it doesn't matter if they are in relationships are not. Cheating does happen.

    However what do you want to do? I would suggest speak to him about this, but then don't try to break up their relationship, if he is very happy with his girlfriend then your imagination will never become a reality, he will never come to you. Hence speak to him, and then let him decide what he wants in life, you can only take things forward if he himself breaks up with his girlfriend.

    Another thing you said about the chemistry between you two being mutual? you said you think so? well I would suggest first confirm your feelings and confirm his feelings for you, don't just jump into things without proper planning.


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