Why is my ex mean to be if she was the one who dumped me?

She is mean to me for no reason, I told her i didn't want to be friends with her because im not interested in being her friend, my interests are only romantic.

That was a couple of days ago, she now hit me up saying my profile pic is gay. I told her not to hit me up ever again if it was to talk shit, she being the egocentric person she is wanted to turn things to her advantage saying "whats wrong with u?" I never replied and she keeps sending laughing emojis and stuff.

does she want me back, or just wants to annoy the shit out of me, gosh i hate how selfish women can be, they kick you out of their life but dont stop annoying you.


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  • She is immature. Some people are just plain mean but I doubt she is doing this to you because she doesn't care about you, it's probably the opposite. I don't know why she broke up with you but I just broke up with my guy because he was a womanizer. This isn't something I wanted to do but I couldn't stay because I wasn't happy with all "that." So now? I feel pretty much the same as the ex girlfriend of yours because I am angry.. Because I have feelings and I didn't want to break up. Enough about my perspective though. People are often really mean in break up situations, you are doing nothing wrong here and you are doing the right thing by following your heart. As a girl I would say yes she wants you back or force some type of reaction out of you which means that she cares. But you are probably better off without her, I mean look at the way she behaves now..

    • she broke up with me because she chose to move to another state and didn't want to even try LDR, not even after all the years we spent together (3 years, 1 yr being best friends)... in the beginning i was kind of cold and mean but i changed that to be a better boyfriend and because i love her and realized i was doing wrong, then she took me for granted when she felt as she "had" me, hung out with her friends instead of being with me, chose to miss my college graduation to go meet some place she could go visit anytime, was mean to me, didn't want to change one bit for our relationship to grow and was always saying she was tired of the relationship even tho she was the one picking fights for stupid reasons and hurting me in the process (emotionally). Played with me feelings after everything she dares to say she did'nt do anything to me, and told me she was planning on breaking up with me if she chose to move away, and she chose the one city that would put us apart. what do you think now?

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    • I think that she doesn't sound as a very nice girlfriend. You don't play games when you are in a relationship, you don't act mean towards someone you love and she even told you she was planning on breaking up with you, yeah she sounds like a mean person with issues. Now I don't know her exact reasons behind her actions but these type of relationships (I assume from what you just wrote) aren't healthy and you are better off finding a girl who won't make you start playing mind games or sink to some kind of bad level. You should feel happy in a relationship. Let her be a bad person, ignore her, perhaps even block her and start working on yourself as you get over her until you are ready to get back out there. That is my advice I have for you.

    • she became toxic and took me for granted. She said she was planning on breaking up if she chose to move to that city because she's not a long distance relationship girl, and we wouldn't workout in that kind of thing... to which i ask myself, how is it possible you say you love someone so much and yet you dont even try to make things work? Dont even try it, not a chance, just a straight no, giving up so quick. I think she wasn't that into me anyways, hurts because I wanted to be with her for years to come with the idea of her changing and become sweet again... anyways, thanks for your advice , i really appreciate it :)

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  • I"m sorry you're going through this, and all I have to say is she's an immature idiot. If she cared - genuinely cared - about you, she would never do that to you.

    • yeah... why would someone that claims they "love you" would be mean to you?

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  • I have the same problem, my ex dumped me and now talks and acts like i'm satan haha


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