Why haven't I cried much over this breakup?

I'm usually an emotional person, and I feel numb and still in shock about it. I never got closure and the answers I needed; And we haven't been in contact in a month. The last time he texted me, he told me he didn't care about the relationship anymore and felt sometimes he had to force himself for the sake of not hurting me. But he always used to say he could never see himself leaving me and he will always love me more than anything in the world. Now he says I deserve better. but that's still not an explanation. Even if I still have some feelings for him, I still don't see myself getting back with him. How could I ever trust him again? I know my worth. But I still dream bout him and he's always on my mind. Sometimes It's hard for me to even get out of bed. So why can't I cry over it?


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  • I think it's because you don't have closure like you said. He never really gave you an explanation so you don't have anything to be upset about. I know, the break up should be enough, but sometimes you just become kind of numb. It took me a little while to become upset over my last breakup. Then I woke up, and it hit me like a truck. I think it's important for you to get that closure. Set up a time and place to meet and talk privately. Make sure you know what you want to say, and know what you want to know. This is isn't supposed to turn into an argument, this to put the nail in the coffin. It's eating away at you, but you aren't manifesting it through crying. Every breakup will be different Being hurt for a little while, is better than not knowing for the rest of your life. The most important thing to remember is to not let it consume you, that's the most hurtful thing you can do to yourself right now.

    • I tried to meet up with him a few weeks ago when I went back home (I'm in college). Basically he said he didn't want to talk about it more than he already did and then continued to ignore my texts. I'm not about to force him to talk in person... since he already said he felt like he was forcing himself to care about the relationship for the sake of not hurting me. I don't think I'm ready to see him in person yet.

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    • It still hurts because of the things he said and did for me. He said he would never leave me and now he's saying its not comfortable for him anymore. I act like it doesn't bother me anymore, but it does. That's why it takes me awhile to trust people and he knew that.

    • People are just bastard covered bastards with bastard filling. I had a hard time learning to trust again myself. One of my exes told me she was dying so she could breakup with me. It's important when going into any relationship that you realize that it may not last forever. I know that's not a great thought to have, but it's important. It helps to keep things in perspective. I'm sorry that he made promises that he couldn't keep. It was absolutely unfair to you. Don't act like it doesn't bother you, I mean around him it's okay to do that. If you show it to him, it gives him a sense of satisfaction. But when you're in good company, or even just by yourself, let it hurt. It's important to feel it. After it's run it's course, dust yourself off and keep on marching :)

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  • It's weird, but I'm in the exact same situation. Have not talked with my ex for a month, and I'm not sad about it, I haven't cried once, but I dream about him every night. Sometimes its nightmares, other just sad dreams. I didn't get a reason either, but I was glad we broke up. Anyways, I think that you may just be numb because it is weird sharing your life with someone and then suddenly you have this new life without that person. And you go numb because you feel something is weird/missing, but there is nothing to be sad about, so you just get numb. If it is important for you, maybe you should reach out to get closure? Without argument, ask what happened. Do you want him back, or just an answer?

    • Wait why were you glad y'll broke up? I've asked him a few weeks ago and then we just haven't been in contact. He said he felt like he explained everything and he doesn't want to talk about it more than he already did. He was acting cold and harsh about it. He was saying he just has all these conflicting and changing feelings that he didn't think would stop.

    • Well, for me it was that he broke up with me every other month accusing me of cheating or lying. It's a long story really, he's not really sane.. Well, I guess I don't have a good answer after all then

  • You ran out of tears to cry


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