How can I let him down easy?

my friend likes me and I know this because his friends tell me, but I don't like him like that. how do I let him down easy if he asks me out?


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  • Just tell him that you want to remain friends with him and feel like getting into a relationship might possibly ruin that. Or you can tell him that you aren't looking for a relationship right now.

  • Be honest, but not brutally honest. Just tell him that you like him as a friend and you would like to keep it at that.

    You do not need to tell him you don't like him beyond friendship or see him as boyfriend material. He will just want to know why so he can try to change for you. Be aware though that he may not want to continue a friendship with you afterwards. Most guys are friends with girls they are trying to date anyways or have a physical attraction to. Once he sees there is no chance for the two of you he may move on to another girl for "friendship" in hopes of asking her out.


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