What went wrong with this relationship?

So we were in a relationship for three months. He said everthing i wanted to hear. He loved me wanted me in his life and didn't want to lose me he talked about marriage and having kids. During the second month he lost his job and was depressed and he lost his house. He started being distant and kinda moody. And the smallest thing he would have an atitude. During the second month he told me he needed to tell me something but he didn't want to lose me. He told me he was in the middle of a divorce. I was upset and hurt i asked the basic quetions like why would are you dealing with me if ur married. He said looking for love. And that he loved me thats why he came clean. After he told me he kept bringing up the idea of going on a break. This is the second time he broke up with me. I asked if he was busy he said no. But three hrs later i didn't hear anything from him. So i told him i was sad and down and wanted to talk to him would've made me feel better goodnight. He text me im at work sorry I'm not there for you. And after that text sent me lose my number im moving on yr crazy. But that mrn he text me love you. By the way it wss a long long-distance relationship. Did he get tired of the distance? Or because of his situation? Or he's just an Asshole?


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  • He honestly just sounds like a crazy person. If I were you I'd just move on. 3 months in a long distance relationship really doesn't mean anything. sorry :/


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  • I see a lot of contradictions and incoherences in his behavior, from what you're saying. Maybe it'd be wise that both of you guys take a break, think if you really would like to be with each other and under which conditions.
    I think what went wrong is that things weren't really transparent from the start...


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  • So in three months he lied about being married, ignored you and broke up with you twice. And it's long distance. Why are you worried about why it ended? Just be happy it did

  • he's just a jerk. simple and sweet.


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  • didn't want to lose me he talked about marriage and having kids , yeah right cus a married man want to have an other marriage while he still stuck in the first one? i don't think so , so 100% he is a liair.
    you have been dating for 2 months and he broke up with you twice already?
    i still didn't find any reason why you still want to be with him: he is a liair, cheater (cheated on his wife with you) .. etc
    i think it's time for you to move on


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