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So these days I've been talking to my ex and I got the feeling that he's flirting with me. Actually he started the conversation with me when he saw that I'm hanging out with Toni now (they hate eachother) And well, Last night me and my ex ran into each other at a party and he wanted to hang out and stuff but i totally ignored him... he wasn't okay with that so he wrote me something and then said that they're (he and his friends) at damon's house (his best friend) and that I should come over, though I didn't go of course. But that's not all.. he said something that offended me and pissed me off. So the thing is that I texted him ''You break up with your girlfriend and then think that you can just get me back so easily. Well not gonna happen.'' (he and his girlfriend broke up recently) and he was like ''hahahahha whatt?'' and I wrote back ''you heard me'' and he said ''Wait you think I'm flirting with you hahahahahah'' I find that really offensive because it looks now like I'm the crazy one and that I'm imagining things that aren't really there... and I really got the feeling that he was flirting.. he was staring at me all the time and when I was fighting with a guy (who is simply my friend) he couldn't look away. + Here's the Toni jealousy situation.. He confesed to me that he still cares about me, but now this? I have a feeling like he said that just because he didn't know what to say and didn't want to turn out like a fool. At the end of the day he did call me to hang out with them probably 10 times last night, but I just ignored him and continued to have fun with my friends. But I could be wrong. Maybe he was just joking around with me? Everything is weird here and I'm sooo confused, please help me.


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  • He's being petty. He doesn't know how to deal with not being with you anymore so he resorts to being a child. Stop all communication with him. If you find yourself in a situation where you can't avoid it, just be civil. There's no reason to start arguing, you won't gain anything from it. All you'd be doing is feeding his drive. He'd rather be arguing with you than nothing at all because he'll be an active participant in your life. I was a little like him once upon a time. Be the bigger person and let sleeping dogs lie.

    • So you think that he didn't mean what he said? About the flirting thing? And yes I agree with you. I'll act indifferent towards him. I won't ignore him completely, because in a way he would see that something bothers me... since I didn't respond to that last question. If he texts me on fb or something I'll just say 'I don't have time to talk now, sorry :)' and won't even bother to write back later.. He'll get the picture I think.

    • I think there is a bit of truth behind everything. I think he was flirting with you, but he's just denying it.

    • Agreed :) Thank you for your help! :)

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  • Forget him. He wants you as a rebound from the breakup from his girlfriend. Getting back with an ex is never a good idea in my book

    • Yes agreed. I wouldn't get back together, specially not after that stupid question... Who is he to make fun out of me? If you'd meet us you'd realize that I'm smarter and better looking.. he has no idea how badly he screwed up.. since he did in any way you look at it. Now we can't be even friends because of that stupid comment he made. pff

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    • Don't be so hard on yourself, we've all been there done that

    • He was my first actual love.. Maybe that makes it a bit different, I don't know :)

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