Do you ever just want to cry?

No real reason to just want to let it out? There's been crap building up in my life and its nothing to cry over but I think the stress makes me wanna just burst into tears to just relieve myself. Does anyone else feel that anytime? What do you do? Do you cry or do you have another solution?


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  • I suggest simply letting it out, it's not only unhealthy to keep your feelings locked inside, but from what I have heard and read it's actually healthy to cry and let out those emotions!

    In answer to your 3 sub questions..

    1. Yes I feel it quite often due to my own issues in life. (You are not alone!)

    2. I cry when and if I can. Sometimes I say to myself all my tears are long gone. But there's always a good cry left in me, you just need to find the best way to let it out. Talking to a friend, or a trusted family member ect. ( Not specifically crying but finding a way to let out emotions that have been building up is an important part of healthy life.)

    3. I cry.


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  • It's good to cry, I did have a 'massive' crying session about 3 weeks ago. It takes a lot of stuff to build up for me to finally cry though.


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  • That happends to me because I look back at the past, theirs nothing else to do but cry and forget about it all though it's easier said than done. If you feel like letting it out do it but don't drown yourself in tears for too long.Remember that no matter how bad life get's theirs always a bright side to it, don't let bad stuff make you weeker learn from them.


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