Should I keep holding on or give up?

I was dating a guy for about a year. I ended up getting pregnant. He moved across the country...back to his hometown. Recently he has tried to keep in contact with me and has even mentioned that he has thought about moving back to be with me and his 6 month old son. I'm not sure how serious he is about wanting to be a part of our lives and I think that I may be getting my heart set on something that is never going to happen. When we were dating he was always mentioning how he didn't want to get serious and how he wasn't ready for a serious relationship. Now he says that he did all of that because he was afraid and that he doesn't want to screw things up because he always does. Is he ever going to change or is he just dragging me along for more heartache? Should I give up on him?


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  • If he has a son and hasn't made the effort to be a good father and be in his life then I think you're wasting your time. That's your son's father and he should be there to take care of him regardless if you guys are together. Talk to him about this and about him being a father. Don't bring up your relationship until you feel like he's making an effort to be in your son's life. Him moving across the country from you honestly is immature. He needs to be there in person for his son. If he doesn't make an effort then I'm sure there's a good guy out there who would want to be with you and take care of your son.

  • You shouldn't give up on him but when and if he moves back the two of you should sit down and talk about what is best for your son and for you .. If you two don't work as a couple don't stay together just because of your son cause that could end up hurting him for life but don't confuse him by being together one month and not the next .. But most of all you need to if he is ready to be dad


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