Humiliating a cheater?

Hypothetical scenario: If you found out your significant other cheated on you, would you try to get revenge? Would you try to humiliate him (or her)?

Why or why not?

If yes, how?


Most Helpful Girl

  • honestly, you have the right to do whatever the hell you want.

    but if you want to be the better person, you just move on.

    of course i, knowing myself, would make their life a living hell.

    ex-posting horrible pictures, making a fake Facebook in their name,

    make a "male part" out of meat, put it ont heir car and plastic wrap it

    so it will leave the imprint of the male part. you get the jist.


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What Girls Said 2

  • id do all the above!

    first id f*** his best friend

    then id start sh*t no matter wut it takes!

    n the reason y is because I love this guy wit all my heart.. and if he hurt me like that I would feel like he diserves bn hurt too

    but if it was just some dude I had a little 2 month thing going on with id juss blow it off and forget he exsisted

  • No cause they wouldn't be worth my time.


What Guys Said 1

  • I work with phones in the wireless industry and I've heard some people wanting to do some f*cked up sh*t when they share a family plan and have a really bad break up.

    *My two cents: have your phone plans in your name, it saves a bunch of drama, lol.*

    Certain phones use the internet to back up and store things like contacts and things like that. Sidekicks are a good example of this, especially the older models. Before, if you had a spouse who was authorized to go into the account to make changes, the common thing to get back at someone was to remove the internet and *poof* they'd lose their information on their phone.

    It's messed up to do to someone.

    Another situation that was weird to me was one girl wanted to upgrade her (ex) boyfriends phone line because he wouldn't contact her and when she upgraded his phone it would send a text message to his phone saying "thanks for purchasing 'x' phone (whatever phone is bought)" she thought he would contact her after and say what's the message about the new phone. Then, right, this is intense, she backs up the information to the internet from his phone line then updates the sim card and retrieves his information (on the new phone she bought on his line) after she spoke to him to see if he was lying or not. Once she updated his sim, the phone he had was no longer in service and she has all his information again, like contacts and things like that.

    Smart phones are sometimes too smart for their own good. It's like a hand-held computer that can't print (not yet, lol) but tech savy people can really mess with this things and work the system, too. They're getting better with security but that's just a few expereinces from work with customers, and the other messed up thing is even if consciously I say to myself that's wrong to do to someone, I can get in deep sh*t for not helping a customer.


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