Why is he acting different now?

Me&this guy have been going to the same uni for the past three years & have mutual friends.
So mutual that he hangs out with a guy I was heavily involved with.
We hit it off recently. We spoke everyday non stop for a good month and a half &he's had afterparties where literally our friends would be there but me and him will be having our own little chill in the corner. He's always complimenting me ¬icing little details. He even carried home one night because I was so drunk and could not walk (according to him lol) Even though, the guy i was seeing was visible and verbally jealous... I've grown to trust him& see him as one of the good guys..
Since one particular party, he's been asking me to hang which i had to decline first because i was ill, then the second time, i had uni work.
Last werk, he asked me to hang but I was going out so I said I'd come after which I did.
we chilled and drank. (I was tipsy before I came over) it was a good time &we just spoke about music and stuff (we both love music). I stayed at his, we kissed but nothing else. He didn't even try anything tbh lol.&the morning after we had a little chit chat &he got his house mate to drop me home to avoid the 'walk of shame'
This was last week Wednesday...
I admit I was waiting for him to contact first but silly me forgot he was preparing for a presentation the morning I was leaving and that he was going abroad for the weekend to attend his mums bday party on Friday morning.
On Saturday he posted a pic of his mother on snapchat so i said she was pretty.. We had a little chat but he didn't respond to my last msg&this was the last time i heard from him... It's now Friday...
i dont really know why he hasn't contacted me&I don't want to come off desperate or annoying... I dont know what went wrong... I kind of just realised how much I like him and how close we'd gotten..
What should I do?
Side note: He was still on holiday at the time he ignored my message... So should I give him the benefit of the doubt? Do you think he now feels guilty because he's now kissed one of his friends ex flames...
We went out 2 years ago but I wasn't that into him... However, at the club the night I got drunk. My 'ex' kept making shady remarks about me and this current guy because he was obviously jealous... Do you think he might feel bad about it now that we've taken it to another level.


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  • He might feel bad about it, he could just be busy because he's on holiday, but I think he may feel like you're uninterested because you had to do this or that. Now that he's on holiday, he's probably just enjoying himself. I don't think he'd feel bad about kissing you, unless he's close with your mutual friend. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Get in touch with him again after he returns and I think you'll be fine.

    • He is close to our mutual friend.

    • Talk with him about it. Ask him if he feels uncomfortable about dating you since you dated your friend back when.

    • I feel like I need to now. I hate wondering and questioning&I'm quite straight forward person. I just don't want to read into much i. e. I'm not even sure if he likes me.

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