Do you think people should leave there new relationship for a ex with a long history?

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  • I think it make no sense to go back to something that didn't work out because they are still the same person with the same issues that caused the break up. It could work if they broke up for a reason that wasn't really a reason to break up. Exp. breaking up with a woman for leaving your hair in the sink or breaking up with a guy for not letting down the toilet seat. Reasons like this can easily be fixed.
    Now, if a person has been working to change and get help to work on their issues that cause the break up , then it can be worth another chance.


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What Guys Said 1

  • People break up for a reason, I personally can't imagine getting with someone then going "you know what sorry, I just used you to make sure my ex is actually what I wanted". Women.


What Girls Said 3

  • Hell no! Ex is an ex for a reason.

  • no i don't think so

  • I can only speak for what i would do. Personally i would never run back to the one person who "broke" me. So no, i would never leave a new relationship for an ex. I would use my past mistakes to help make the new relationship last.


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