Guys, GUYS!! Please give me your advice so I can move on. ?

My boyfriend and I talked for a month before we finally met and then we kind of jumped into dating (not labeled as a commited relationship yet) right after that. So we called each other boyfriend and girlfriend to make the explanation of our relationship easier to explain but we had decided not to get into a commit relationship yet. I wouldn't talk to other guys and he wouldn't talk to other girls. Within two weeks my boyfriend lost his job, lost his truck after using all his savings to fix it the first time, and is getting threatened with being kicked out by his parents. My boyfriend was really stressed and scared and told me multiple times in those two weeks that his life is a mess and that he doesn't know if he's ready for a relationship. So i would always tell him that thats fine we can keep waiting as long as we knew where our feelings are at. So the last night I seen him which was Wedneday he told me he was happy with me and he wanted to see this go somewhere. He said that i was officially his girlfriend now because he was ready. We had a great night. In the morning we had an argument which he later realized was stupid on his part. He broke up with me. He said I realized that I have a lot of growing up to do and i need to get my life together and i dont want to drag you down with me. He gives me mixed signals and says we will have a chance when he gets his life together and that he wishes it didn't end like this that we could go on forever. and that after he gets his head on straight and is happy with his life that maybe we can have a chance to be together again. We left it at that and i told him i understood that he couldnt take on a relationship right now. Today i text him and asked if he wanted to meet so he could get his clothes and he said i could bring them by if iwanted to. I didn't want to play into and be to eager so i said i dont know ill let you know after work and he got mad and said nevermind just keep them that he doesn't know when hell be home anyways so i made a smart comment


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  • Give it some time (a month at Maximum) if things are the same, he dznt worth waiting, Cuz let's say u r back together , will u gonna stand him acting like that every time he mess up? Trust me I'm a guy, even if my whole life f***ed up, the only person who I wouldn't be reflectin that on, is my Bae!
    Gud luck!

  • He really cares about you to avoid dragging you down with him, so don't take that negatively. He just wants to get in a good position where he can support you.

    And at the end - that's just a minor misunderstanding. he was probably just in a negative mood and you got his hopes up then were like "Well, I don't know..." so there was no need to make a smart comment. Just let him know that you're sorry.

    The best thing you can do is decide whether you want to wait for him (if you really love him) or if you just want to move on.


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