Ended long-term relationship of 2+ years yesterday, ex keeps trying to talk me out of it and has asked me to reconsider my decision. Help?

The relationship started during high school. We went to school together and that is how we met. We had a lot of the same interests and same friends. He graduated before me and went to college 30-40 minutes from my high school, but I still got to see him every week basically.

Now, we are both in college and I am not as happy as before. He has been more controlling than ever before, asking where I am constantly and accusing me of lying. He has apologized extensively, with 6-8 page texts since I broke up with him, but I don't want to buy into it. Tell me I am not crazy for not trusting it. About 2 months ago, he got very angry with me for seemingly no reason, and then told me to go fuck myself so I ended it there... or so I thought. He talked me out of it and said that we could work on things.

I haven't seen much of a difference, and he says that this break up was really out of the blue. I don't want to say that I broke up with him to date other people, but I've realized that I deserve to be treated better. What once was a great relationship is no longer as great. Is it so wrong to tell him that I don't see a future together? We bicker and argue too frequently.

Any and all advice would be welcomed.
I guess it's also relevant to add that we were each other's first. The sex has always been okay, but recently, I've had no sex drive and therefore it's been a relatively sexless relationship. It always feels forced. He claims he's fine staying in a sexless relationship, but I'm sure that's just a ploy to get me to stay. Back in July/August, he told me that he doesn't want to stay with me if I don't ever feel like having sex with him because he feels unattractive.


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  • Tell him your no longer happy and that his behavior is why. Tell him that he has not shown any evidence that he can or is willing to change and so you are deciding not to continue the relationship.


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  • The writing on the wall and all, @mjds2015 is that You and Your past have Outgrown one another to the point now that you have moved on, broken up, are in college, you find That... Great relationship is no longer as great.
    You need to be fir, face him down with what you feel and make him understand so you can Move on that you Want... To be friends right now and nothing More in Store.
    You are not feeling him enough to want to make love and believe me, should you fall for the pity wagon wack act, he would start complaining there is no banging.
    Good luck. xxoo


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  • Honestly just tell him if he cares he'll respect your decision, and tell him if he refuses to do that, then you'll cut him off completely. Don't reconsider and cave if you genuinely were not happy.


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