Are there dating rules while you are going through divorce proceedings?

Legally, are there rules to follow if you are gonna date someone while you are going through a divorce? Can you be sexually involved with someone else while you are in divorce proceedings?


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  • It depends on the rules where you live. California here is a "no fault" state, where the reason for divorce is irrelevant so you can fuck anyone you choose any time and it will have a negligible affect on the divorce. Places where the reason for divorce is considered may come down hard on that conduct.

    • In that last part you said are you referring to if someone files on fault based grounds? I live in NY which is also a no fault state but does that necessarily mean you can't file for a fault based divorce?

    • @Asker A no fault state means they don't consider fault at all. The reason is irrelevant, so they don't due fault based divorces. Since I don't know anything on NY I'd do some searches on this.

      Now if you have kids having another guy around could impact custody issues depending on how that comes up.

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  • Nope there isn't. Usually at least one person or not both are already fucking someone. Divorce proceeding can take months some even up to over a year to get official.


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