Girls, if you recognize you were an asshole in your past relationship, would you tell it to the person you are dating?

Im just wondering, because in most cases the dumper who was a fucking asshole and took you for granted, played with your feelings and then cut you loose doesn't recognize she acted wrong...
but if somehow she recognizes she was a complete asshole, when the person she's dating at the moment asks about past relationships, would she mention she was a mean person? that level of honesty is even possible with assholes?

if one of you was an asshole and recognizes it, have you said it to your new "love"?


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  • Yeah, it happens

    • how do you feel for the person you mistreated? considering you "did" "love" him but ended up treating him like shit anyways

    • It was actually the opposite, he was over protective but at the same time he had a strong character that change everything. I used tell him the truth, but at the end, he didn't want to admit it and that drove him to change. So, dealing with someone you liked and mistreated you is a negative situation. Is better to move on.

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