I just saw my exes car and I'm feeling sad, why?

I just walked by the iHop near my house and saw my exes car (I know it's hers because of the dent in the back from when she had her car accident). We broke up last February andcwe haven't spoken at all since then. I don't know she's with friends, a new boyfriend, family, it doesn't matter. I'm just sad knowing she's near by, we use to go to that iHop together :'(

I haven't dated anyone since we broke up, I'm still trying to pick up the pieces of my dignity and get my career together. I don't know I'm just venting, the holidays are coming up and I know I'm going to miss her even more when those days come around.

I was sort of a jerk to her, but she wasn't perfect either. At times I still find myself rationalizing why break up happened even though it's been over for almost a year. Sometimes I feel like the most worthless piece of trash who should of just been content with what he had, but instead I was stressed and unhappy and felt like my life was moving nowhere.


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  • It's okay, it's all totally normal. Just something that happens sometimes :( I've been exactly where you are.

    Don't feel down on yourself like that, it's so easy to look back on relationships and wonder if things weren't that bad. Or wonder if maybe you made something bad out of nothing. But trust me, if you broke up there was a reason. And in hindsight it's easy to remember the good things, and not be so bothered by the bad things.

    • I know, you're so right :(
      It's easy to remember the good and not the bad. However it's hard for me to meet new girls because I feel like I'm not good with them. It feels like I'm not worth of her or anyone else sometimes :(

    • I do the same thing! It will get better. Don't worry. :) Aww no, you seem like a sweet guy, I'm sure you're great. Just do what makes you happy and you'll meet the right person and you'll both feel great. Time really does heal everything. It just takes time

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