Why do people say rude shit like this?

If you are upset or heart broken over a guy, people on this Web site will say "get Over it" or "move on"
Or some girls and guys act like it's easy for everyone to get a boyfriend
"Why don't you just get a boyfriend? "
I'm not heartbroken I haven't been in a relationship in years
This is simply just a question


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm sorry you're in pain. Take your time. Call if you need to. Mourn. Deal in a way that suits you best. Suggestions: do something nice for yourself. Spend time with friends. Connect with someone you haven't spoken to in a while. Talk to your parents. Feel love from someplace. Remember, people will always love you, and there isn't any fucking thing you can do to stop it.

    • I'm not currently in pain

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    • You are truly dumb because users are no longer allowed to change their user names

    • Don't make antagonistic comments and maybe I wouldn't have to be say anything back

Most Helpful Girl

  • Saying stuff like that is better than telling you to remain miserable or heart-broken, I guess. It's not a bad thing to tell someone to get over it or move on, when that's what's healthy for them to do, even if it's not always the easiest option.

    • Agree @fauchelevent , it's tough love, but it's really exactly what you need to hear

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    • You are the one who needs to grow up and deal with shit. Stupid bitch. I never said this question was about me

    • You really don't need to be rude. I never said this was about you. 'You' is simply a figure of speech, it doesn't literally refer to you.

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What Guys Said 1

  • I know how you feel. A lot of girls and guys on GAG and in real life say it is easy to get a girlfriend to. I think people that say this kind of thing are usually in relationships and really don't get just how hard it is for many single people. They just think because they have a partner then it must be easy and have pretty much decided that before they even read your question. I find it so annoying, especially when they assist on pretty much knowing you better than you know yourself.


What Girls Said 1

  • Life is not worth getting upset and heart broken over one person, yes its easier said than done, but what other options have you got. Moving on is the only option, otherwise just be miserable, and miss out living your life to the full.

    What you have to accept is getting hurt comes with territory with relationship. If you can't handle getting hurt, then don't get involved with relationships. Stay single, and avoid all the broken hearts and upsets that go along with it.

    when you chose to put your heart on the line, you chose to get it broken now and again. Life is not a success only journey, even when it comes to the dating game. You might have to meet several guys along the way, until you meet someone, that you get along with, and have great chemistry.

    • For the last time, I am not in a relationship and I'm not currently heartbroken

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