Do you think he still/likes his ex?

I've been talking to this guy and he broke up with his girlfriend 2 weeks ago, does he still have feelings for his ex but just covering it up by not caring?

Here some of the conversation

Him: no dating yet tbh

Me: are you looking atm though

Him: I dont know tbh im in two minds date and not date. what about u. x

Me: I'm just having fun not looking, I hope you're not pining over you're ex, time will make you feel better

Him: Same here just chill and have fun for moment. but nahh not pinning ova her lols.

  • He still likes his ex
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  • He is so over her
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  • He is 50/50 with the ex
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  • Get in there and ask him out
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  • Its too soon to ask him out and if he asks you out say not yet. It would just be a rebound at this time


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