Guys, Why would my ex bring up good things I did in our past relationship?

Guy's Help please! !!!


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  • He probably misses you which is understandable. Maybe he wants to get back together, maybe not.

    • Like he brought up the fact that I used to sleep over there on week nights when we were dating. Why would he bring that up? Does he want me to start doing it again?

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  • ask him. Say you would like to speak to him, and ask him if he mentioned these things because he is reminiscent or perhaps he wants you back. Asking him this is the only way you'll find out.

    • I don't know he act like he wants me back but I don't know.
      The sentence was you always used to sleepover on week nights before.
      So does he want me to or what?

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    • No because last time I did that it did not go over well

    • what did he say?