I'm still hurting 4 months later?

My ex broke up with me in June. Some heavy stuff transpired throughout our relationship that was neither of our faults. Death of family members, a medical scare etc. The demise of our relationship was when I found out he'd sent a message in the beginning of our relationship to another girl asking her to hang out. I didn't find out until 2 1/2 weeks before we broke up. 2 1/2 weeks was not enough time for me to get over it but decided to end it saying the way things have been these past weeks is not healthy.

We did not speak for about a month and texted a few times before we both returned to grad school at the same school. He was no sooner moved in and wanted to see me. He wanted to slowly date but played very hot and cold with me. He wanted to see me and then he didn't. We both backed away and since then some bad stuff has transpired between us. He's been mean a side of him I'd never seen before. I have been busy, doing new things, making new friends, making changes but still everynight I think of him. I went a couple weeks without feeling this way but it always comes back.

I never believed in soul mates but if I have one I know it's him. It has been 4 months since we broke up and I still feel this way. It's drowning me. I want my soulmate back.


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  • Heartbreak is never an easy thing. It can change how a person acts too. It brings out the worst in some people. It wasn't right of him to be mean to you, but that's his way of coping. You've done all that you can. The best thing to do is to not communicate like you have been, remove him from social media, and get rid of things that remind you of him. You've already taken the initiative to keep yourself occupied and you're meeting new people so that's fantastic! It wasn't meant to be, but you'll be okay. The road ahead will be difficult, but the path will always be there for you to follow, no matter how many times you fall down.


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  • Heartbreak is so painful. Sometimes you never totally get over someone. Time just helps you to learn to live without them. You are doing the right thing by keeping busy.

    There's no time limit on getting over heartache, just be patient with yourself, because even if your head has accepted it is over, it's not so easy for your heart to let go.

    At the moment the pain is still raw and even though your heart is broken... you still love him with all of the little pieces. Your heart is stronger than you imagine , so it will heal and you will love again.

    You have to accept and let go of what you can't
    change, or it'll prevent you moving on. Sometimes you don't realise your own strength until being strong is the only choice you have 💛 xx


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  • Soulmates are usually surrounded by good feelings. It seems there's been a lot of bad surrounding this one

    • There is. I wish it could be whole again.

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    • To reconcile what could have been?

    • Yes, I'm sorry

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  • Hi dear i read your comment and i know how you feel now because i have passed through this same way with my boyfriend and i was so depressed but am happy now we are back together today there are some advice i would have to give you to take and it will surely work out for you i want you to email me on my private email so we can talk better and tell you what to do. this is my email address mccartkatty@gmail. com i will be waiting for your mail ok

    • please email me on my private email on mccartkatty@gmail. com this will surely help you out if you still want him back in your life again and he will be a changed man

  • Darn I am still hurting!

  • tell him to fuck off and move on


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