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i dated a girl for like a month. We had a falling out and she stopped texting me. I see her at the university all the time. When we park in the parking lot at the same time she will wait for me to leave the parking lot before even getting out of her vehicle. I only noticed this because I felt like I was being watched and saw her friend in the passenger side watching me as I walked by. Next when she knows we are both taking the same way somewhere she will just take an entirely different route to avoid me. I saw her friend and her at a store and i continued on my way, but looked behind me to see her. I then saw her friend looking at me who then proceeded to tell her something when I saw her. This is really weird we were good friends prior to dating, and now I feel as though I have done something horrendous to her! Any advice?


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  • It depends what you fell out about, I guess people react in different ways. If she is sat there just watching you with friends that's totally not creepy lol! Just shrug and laugh it off. The more you continue doing what your doing and not giving her a reaction she will come round. Let her enjoy the long route home

    • well i was distant, I had an important thing I had to prepare for so it consumed a lot of time. She would text me and ask me how I was doing and I would give short answers, because my attention was diverted to this thing. After awhile the last date she just stopped texting me and I was like "great now I can focus on this thing". Why does she avoid me like she does, and wait in her car though? I have never heard of or seen someone do such a thing. It's weird and makes me feel like I am some crazy person.

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    • what should I do then?

    • Apologize and genuinely understand why she is upset. She will either give you a sour reaction or a positive one. If she chooses the first option simply go back to ignoring her. She will get the hint

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