Should I stay with him?

Me and my boyfriend have had our fair share of issues anything from him giving his number to someone else, snap chatting a girl he'd been on a date with previous to our relationship, lying about taking a class A drug, lying about who is texting him, finding messages off different girls on Facebook on Valentine's Day, who he claims are his friends, lying about where he is going, telling me someone tried to kiss him on New Year's Eve when I was on holiday... He cancelled going on our holiday together because he had no money but spent £150 the week after drinking.

i I love him and he loves me, we have had such great times together, we laugh all the time, he compliments me all the time, he acts physically really loving towards me, he's my favourite person to talk to, but we're arguing more and more lately and I think it's because the trust as much as I want it to be there just isn't anymore, he makes me feel so special at times but so shitty at others, we've only endured the great moments we've had due to me forgiving and letting go off all these things that have happened.

Is it time to let this relationship go?

Valentines Day

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  • in my opinion, I think you should let it go. You say he's lied a lot in the past and it looks like he hasn't stopped either. If you're unhappy with him then I think you should leave him.

    • He just doesn't appear to change anything? Am I right in thinking that the things I've stated shouldn't be occurring in a relationship and will break us sooner or later?

    • Yes they absolutely should not be happening in a relationship at all. It shows complete disrespect towards you. I feel things like that would break you up sooner or later. For me personally, I could never ever fully trust a guy who's lied to constantly.

    • Is it just the lying that would break it for you or everything else he has done too? I feel like it's got to a stage where these girls on Facebook could be his friends but because he has lied to me and done things behind my back I don't know what to feel?

  • hi i want to ask if you really love him so much and want him to change for good,

    • Yes I do really love him and it's not that I want him to change as a person I want him to stop doing the things that he is doing! Why do you ask?

Valentines Day