My gut tells me that my ex is regretting dumping me for another girl?

My boyfriend of 3yrs left me for another girl 1month ago. I was devastated and begged him to take me back. He disrespected me. He never told me he is with someone but actions speaks louder than words and there were tons of red flags before our break up by which i can easily tell that he was dating someone behind my back and ended up leaving me for her. We were in a LDR. Also his EXCUSE for break up was very lame. He blamed me for EVERYTHING and treated me like trash. Probably because i never stood up for myself. But now m feeling much better. at least not crying for him.

My only problem is my gut is telling me that he is regretting i dont know why. And then i feel bad for him. I really dont wanna feel that way. Bcz this feeling is holding me back. I really dont wanna feel bad for him. Also m in NC since our breakup so he tried contacting me during NC but only a few times and liked my instagram posts and complimented me that i look beautiful in my whatsapp DP (i replied js a little THANQ and left the conversation). Then after few days he complimented my sister's DP in which she was with me. I never took it seriously though bcz deep down i think he js want a ego boost. But still i feel like he is not happy which makes me feel bad. I js wanna move on completely. It still hrts like hell.

Any advice?


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  • girl believe me i went through sth like that... he'll soon dump you again for someone else.
    once a cheater, always a cheater.
    the problem with us girls is that we're too soft hearted when it comes to guys we like... or had sth with... and they use it against us

  • Don't go back 2 him... if he regrets... thn ge will come back 2 uh... if he luves uh... he will come back... uh just keep calm n wait... uh should not go 2 him!

  • Say what you need to say to tell him to fuck off. Delete all the social media that you have him in your follower's list.


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