What do I do about my ex? for the boys

I have been seeing my ex for 8 months when he rang me to say that he has enjoyed it but doesn't love me. he can't understand why because I am perfect fro him in every way but he doesn't think it is fair to keep me hanging on when he is too busy to see me. I basically got a long list of reasons without him actually saying it was over (I had to actually ask this). When I said that I would miss him he said he wasn't going any where and wouldn't be dating for a year whilst he got some things sorted out.

I am so confused and even more confused that he got upset when I said I'd remove him from my fb page.

Opinions please (without being harsh). I genuinely thought he was the one for me - we are both in our 30's and this happened yesterday.

update- got an email recently to tell me he is sorry for not being in contact (I made no effort) but he is really busy with his girlfriend - massive bitch slap to the face!


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  • He says you're perfect for him but he doesn't love you and don't wanna keep dating? something's not right there...

    It seems like he's not ready for a relationship, is very busy, or both.

    You should tell him how you feel and talk things through.

    Hope this helped

    • He says he is really busy but he was the same busy when we started seeing each other - hence the confusion. and yes it did help to hear a blokes opinion. thanks xxx

    • You say his ex was cheating on him and some other girl broke up with the guy after that? Maybe he's insecure and is afraid to get hurt, because of what happened in the past. Difficult to tell, really. He seems to be sending mixed signals.

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  • the previous relationship for him may have been built on lust and sex , you need to spend some time together doing everything but and start building up trust and creating a relationship , then reward him by having sex rather than just giving it to him , guys want what they can't have..


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  • It sounds like he might have commitment issues.

    • Has crossed my mind - he only finalised his divorce to his cheating ex 8 and a half months ago and the girl after that broke up with him for some one else (it seems). he is majorly paranoid and jealous as well, even if he makes a joke about me being with someone else he gets jelaous!

    • He might have problems with that, or he is trying to let you down easy.

      just don't talk/see him as often as you usually do and then see what happens because he might just be stringing you along.

    • We won't be seeing each other. he is based in a different county and lives else where so I am just leaving him alone at the moment. x

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