What do I do about my ex? for the boys

I have been seeing my ex for 8 months when he rang me to say that he has enjoyed it but doesn't love me. he can't understand why because I am perfect fro him in every way but he doesn't think it is fair to keep me hanging on when he is too busy to see me. I basically got a long list of reasons without him actually saying it was over (I had to actually ask this). When I said that I would miss him he said he wasn't going any where and wouldn't be dating for a year whilst he got some things sorted out.

I am so confused and even more confused that he got upset when I said I'd remove him from my fb page.

Opinions please (without being harsh). I genuinely thought he was the one for me - we are both in our 30's and this happened yesterday.
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update- got an email recently to tell me he is sorry for not being in contact (I made no effort) but he is really busy with his girlfriend - massive bitch slap to the face!
What do I do about my ex? for the boys
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