Blocked by ex after he cheated and I ignored him, why?

So basically my ex and I broke up two months ago. He cheated and wouldn't take any accountability he instead kept blaming it on me because I had anger issues which I did and I dealt with. I took responsibly and apologized sincerely, multiple times, for my mistakes even went above and beyond to try and make up for my anger but he just wanted me to forget about all the times he hurt me. And towards the end he became more and more angry with me cause I wasn't letting him get away with everything. Anyways, we took a three week break during September at which point I didn't contact him at all. He finally texted me but again was not apologizing. He just kept saying how great he was n sent me all kinds of pictures of his life, never once asked how I was, and said he wanted to see me. I told him I wouldn't even be his friend unless he took responsibility and acknowledged what he did to me. He said he needed more time and I told him time was up and I was done. He said he didn't want a girlfriend, I suspect he has commitment issues, so I told him that's fine but I wouldn't be one of his girls either but he still wanted me around. A week later he sent me another pic of him out and about. No apology no text just the pic and I ignored it. I was angry because once again it was all about him and he couldn't even say "hi how are you." Anyways we haven't talked since then. But yesterday I felt like enough time had passed, about a month, to call n talk n just put stuff away, wish each other well, and say good bye. This is when I found out I was blocked. I'm irritated and annoyed that he blocked me esp when I haven't been contacting him in any way, he tried to contact me to see me and by sending pics, and he owes me an apology. I'm not sure how to feel. Before I told him we can't be friends but he wanted to. I'm not blocked on anything else but we aren't friends on anything else either. I didn't contact him in any other way. why would he block me after I didn't contact him?


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  • Talk about mind games. I highly recommend you run from this guy and keep running. Take it as a sign of maturity on your part that you know that he's not good for you. Even if he apologized and worked hard, there would still be some debate if you should get back with him. But since he hasn't even tried to apologize or work things out, I think it's great that you blocked him. Find a guy who can act more mature.

    • Haha thanks. Ya he plays a lot of mind games. From blaming me for his cheating to now this. Instead of communicating he's passive aggressive. i haven't blocked him yet but seeing these responses I think it's time that I do and move on. Thanks again

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  • For this very reaction you're having right now. He wanted you to find out and be upset and like he's "moved on."

    • So it's revenge for ignoring him? That's mature lol And he wanted me to then chase him down and get His attention back? That's what it seems like to me.

      Thanks for your help. I'm not good at these games lol

    • All of the above. You knew he was immature by his inability to take responsibility for his actions previously, so this should come as no shock. I'd just drop him off your life. No need to have a chat to wipe the slate clean as he likely won't give you the closure you're looking for.

    • True, thank you :)

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  • He was mad because you weren't responding so he blocked you which was very immature of him.

    • That's what I thought as well. You're right, he's very immature. Thanks for your help.

  • you ignored him bc you can


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