My girlfriend ended the relationship after 3 months and said she weren't ready for a serious relationship, is this a common excuse?

I want to talk to her, but another reason she broke up with me was because I 'nagged' her too much when she was busy. I just want to know if there's another chance with her and I want to know the full truth


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  • Yeah, people are hurt and afraid. Those people are cowards. I wouldn't mind getting hurt if i got to feel <3 !


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  • I know this sucks. My boyfriend broke up with me basically for the same reason months ago, I tried to talk to him and get him back but unfortunately, usually when people make up their mind their is no convincing them otherwise.

    I would just leave her alone, focus on yourself and to move on. If you need to talk to her to get closure, ask her. But then, move along. If she wants to get back together truly, she will come back to you on her own time, not because you convinced her.

  • i think there is a new player in her game


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