I dont know whats going on between me and my ex?

Basically me and my ex went out for three months after that we started talking again then we started hangout lot one time we even kissed. I asked him if he still loves me he told me he does but sometimes I feel like why ain't we back together and he even said sorry to me about everything and like even when I met up with him most of time he would just stare at him.

should I just stop giving his attention?
Thank you 😊


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  • Hook up again. I did and I know others who did as well.

    • What should I do?

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    • But my friend was like I'm wasting my time with him I should move on

    • My advice really doesn't change. Let nature take its course. Just continue to do whatever you are doing. My point is, probably soon - with a few weeks - both you and he will have a stronger and clearer sense of where things will go between the two of you.

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