Very hurt that he would do this - why would he do it just as I'm moving on?

Very hurt that he would do this - why would he do it just as I'm moving on?

About three years ago this guy and I liked each other BUT we never dated. I really cared about him, but he moved away for work and the relationship broke down. Our contact since has been quite strained. I really loved him but he hurt me a lot. We barely talk at all now except to wish the other a happy birthday. I am polite to him but I don't want much to do with him as he's not someone I want to talk to much (obviously).

I recently heard through a mutual friend that he is going on a holiday overseas with his girlfriend whom he recently started dating. Before he left he randomly sent me a text saying 'Hey, I will be out of contact for the next few weeks, but I just wanted to message you to say I hope you are going well". This text was the first time we had spoken in EIGHT MONTHS.

Why the heck would he tell me he is going to be out of contact when we have spoken once in the past year? Why would he feel the need to tell me this all of a sudden? I'm really confused and sad :(


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  • I think its shitty. He's telling you he's doing good without you but that's a lie. If he was really happy he wouldn't feel the need to try and make you jealous

    • Hey, thanks for your answer. So that's what he's doing, trying to make me jealous? I was confused because he just said he would be "out of contact" (I heard from someone else that he was going away with his new girlfriend). I'm just really confused why he would text me out of the blue at all.

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    • Yeah I think you're right. Should I reply or just ignore him and block him for good?

      Many thanks for the help and for explaining his behaviour, it's a HUGE help to have a second opinion

    • Ignore, block, whatever just forget him and move on. Look at what just one text has done to you.

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  • tell him to fuck off and move on


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