Implemented no contact, will he wonder where I have gone?

Was with my ex for 7 months, really fell for him hard. He broke up with me because we're at different stages in our life according to him and I am too wild, still go out partying too much (7 year age gap).

I continued sleeping with him for five months after we had broken up, I agreed to this because I hoped he'd change his mind and we'd get back together. Bad idea, all that happened was that I continued to love him and he started moving on whilst still continuing to sleep with me.

In the last month of us sleeping together I noticed him getting more and more distant and mentioning that we should both be trying to move on. I very much put my cards out on the table and like I fool told him I still loved him and wanted to be with him. I noticed the texts becoming less frequent, he wasn't answering my calls like he used to and wasn't making arrangements to see me although always agreed when I asked.

Eventually he told me he'd been on his first date since we split but he wasn't planning on seeing the girl again. That was it for me, I decided I wasn't sleeping with him anymore for my own sanity and I wasn't going to contact him. We cancelled our arrangement to meet the day after he had told me he'd been on a date.

It's been two weeks since I last seen him and one week since we were in contact. This is the longest time since we have broken up that I have not contacted him.

My question: Will he be relieved that I am not contacting him anymore or will he wonder where I have gone?

This isn't like me, I've said to him in the past that I won't contact him again but always ended up getting in touch with him. So will he be suprised he's actually not hearing from me?


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  • Personally, i believe in certain situations you have to distance yourself from some people. If they care they'll notice. If they don't then you know where you stand.

    If he cares , he'll call. If he loves you, he'll show it.


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