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Me and my gilfriend broke up some time ago. We went apart as friends, but we totally didn't look at each other as if there was hate for a long time. I never stopped thinking Of her (or loving her tbh). After summer break in school it seemed like it was gone, she smiled at me when she met me and it was no more ugly looks. Latley i can't stop thinking Of her... i "accidentally" sent her a snap... yeah i'm that pathetic... when i lost her, i lost all her friends wich were my friends, and at The same time my best friends and all our friends... i was all alone, but latley i've met a lot Of new people. I really want my good old life back, but i know i should move on... i dont Even know What i'm asking or What i want... help? Sorry for bad English and iphone autocorrect every other word...


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  • You're not pathetic, you're just dealing with some hard things right now. It's wonderful that you've met new people, but I still wouldn't completely give up on your old friends. If you can, keep them around. But also remember that as we get older it's normal to lose and gain friends. Try not to take too huge of risks right now, play it safe and try hard to see the situation through an optimistic set of eyes. Don't let it bring you down... things may or may not work but if you mope it will certainly only make things worse. Good luck and best wishes!

    • God bless you🙏 thank you

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