Blocked him - need some help from guys & girls?

There's a man I had worked with briefly and I had no idea he liked me, so he resurfaced and started asking me out. I started liking him but he was moving TOO fast which made me nervous. Anyway, I did see him one night, and I did not have sex with him - he did try and after almost 2-3 weeks of calling, texting, wanting to see me, since that night he's changed.

So just some emails here and there and lightly keeping me in touch truly made me think he had someone else and/or was mad at me and changed because I said I just didn't wanna rush sex and needed a little more time, so this was my punishment.

I didn't argue, fight, or say anything wrong, but the day after I helped him online get some work done, since he was still being distant, I couldn't deal with it anymore, and I blocked him on Skype and FB.

For whatever reason, this all hurt me a lot and I just needed to put some space to let this go... is he going to hate me now?


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  • Even if he is this sore sport here, dear, this little "Punishment' of your own may teach this old dog new tricks Not to mess with the Best from the Rest.
    He knows he is in the dog house here, dear, and feeling like "Going to hate me now?" No, I would assume he is Feeling Guilty and all I can Say... Kudos to you, he barked up the wrong tree.
    Bury this bone and move on. Learn a lesson or two from your own experience and let sleeping dogs lie now somehow.
    Good luck and Good work. xx

    • I love you! Seriously, like where did u come from to mess with my head and make me so hurt? So much talk about wanting to take me places, work with me more, etc., and we have to see action not just words. I really liked him and I didn't do anything wrong, so I felt I had to do this stop thinking about him.

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    • Lesson to all men, if you act like a d**k and don't apologize quickly, it could backfire and she could end up in another man's arms, lol.

    • lol.. Kudos, sweetie, I agree with this lesson in life and in love.."You snooze you lose I tell many people."xxoo

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  • Its honestly impossible tell for sure why he grew distant, maybe the thought that the thing between you two wasn't going anywhere, maybe he thought that you wanted to go a lot slower or maybe he was just mainly interested in sex.

    But honestly if a girl blocked me for seemingly no reason (at least from my perspective), that would be a little bit of a red flag, at least if they didn't explain it at all or talk to me about it.

    • I have to add here that my suspicion based on some info is that he lives with someone else and didn't tell me a thing about it. Look, me moving on seems to be the BEST thing for me but for whatever reason, I did really like him. But mainly I think u nailed it, he only wanted sex and otherwise I wasn't worth the effort.

  • Ya need to understand yourself better if you can be hurt and not know why.

    I imagine being blocked has bothered him some since he likes ya, but it's up to you how ya deal with him, it seems you assumed how he felt without asking him though, so that's a bit silly.

    • I don't think it's silly, it's human. I was patient/mature in spite of a few things and I didn't go off or get emotional, it's been like 10 days - I think that men show their intentions in their actions. Had he an ounce of interest in wanting something real, he would have seen me again sooner and continued to treat me the same as he did before. I believe that shift/change in his behavior was very telling.

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    • I don't meant to come off as being closed off, sorry.

    • It's when people take the, I already know better stance that further learning can no longer take place.

      I'm not arguing or saying he isn't some creep, just discussin the possibilities.

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