Was this girl showing off her new boyfriend in front of me and she wanted to show me she is doing fine without me?

It ended kind of bad between us and though I was still saying hi to her, I wasn't willing to pretend like everything is fine. Next time I bumped into her, she turned her back on me. Another time she ran away as she saw me. About a week after she ran away I run into her and her boyfriend.
I raised hand as in "hello, I see you and I know who you are!" but nothing more. Not only she said "hi", but she smiled widely at me and that is a big contrast to what happened on previous ocassions.

Now I read an answer to a question around here and the guy said he was still talking to her ex though in a new relationship, just to drop the news to the ex that he has a new girlfriend. He was doing all this to make himself feel better and like he had "won" the break up and make the ex feel even more like a loser. Like "look what you're missing and someone else is enjoying it"

So it hit me... After all the ignoring and running away, the girl smiled back at me bc she had her boyfriend around and I could see she is doing fine, isn't it?
Anyone else with an opinion on this? :)


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  • That's exactly what it is. She's not doing fine. People never show off their new partners unless they want their ex to feel bad. She still has feelings for you, otherwise she wouldn't turn and run away when she sees you. She's just putting on a face. She thinks she feels better because she has a new boyfriend. The best thing to do is to just keep doing what you're already doing. Just be civil, and it's okay to not be okay, but I wouldn't show it in front of her, because that will just feed her drive. Put yourself out there if you can. I'm not saying to dive into a relationship, I'm just saying to occupy yourself. Be with good company, pick up a hobby, or date if you would like. People take some of these suggestions for granted, but they work. It's all about rejuvenating your self-esteem and how you view yourself. I just got dumped a couple weeks ago, and sometimes it still really sucks, but I decided to start working out again, and I feel a helluva lot better now. She's not worth your time bro!


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