Why does my ex girlfriend do this?

She broke up with me 8 months ago due to distance and another guy came into the picture (I lived by her and went to school with her, but I had to move). Regardless, we dated for a year and a half and we obviously loved eachother. She called me husband material on multiple occasions.

She always told her aunt and grandmother about me. She told them every aspect. She was excited to tell her aunt who I was, how great I am, how sweet I am, what plans I made with her, and what I've been up to. She was so happy to call me hers.

I still keep in touch with her aunt and grandmother because they love me and they didn't even know that she had a boyfriend. She has told them nothing about him. Whenever she visits them, he isn't even brought up in conversation. Keep in mind that they have now been dating for 4+ months.

My ex also doesn't talk to me anymore.

What is going on? I know I shouldn't care because she obviously doesn't care about me, but I'm just so confused..


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  • It is called moving on.

    • What? It's called moving on when she doesn't talk about her NEW boyfriend at all?

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