Which is the best reason to break-up?

So in the long run, which would make you look back with the least regrets, either glad that you broke up, or remembering the relationship fondly?
Past experience welcome. Also, if anyone has good break up stories, or another reason please share :)

On a personal note (and feel free to ignore this paragraph), my boyfriend and I are breaking up when he leaves the country to go back home next week (been dating a few months). I am glad that I have a chance to say goodbye properly, and savour the moments because I know they'll be our last. But also it's harder, because there's NO reason for me dislike him, or hate him, it's just that we can't be together anymore. At least if he cheated or our personalities clashed, there's closure and I can say "we just didn't work". Also the fact that I will probably NEVER see him again is hard, whereas with a normal breakup there's a chance for drunken hookups, running in to each other on the street, drunk texting, like I would know he was THERE etc. So I'm not sure if this way of breaking up is better or worse, but I'd like to know what kind of hurt I'm in for..
  • Gets boring/in a rut/fell out of love
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  • Fighting all the time
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  • Moving away
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  • Someone cheated
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  • Family/friend issues
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  • Bad/no sex
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  • Other/see results
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  • every one of those is a good reason to break up. and many, many more

    • I suppose, but I guess the question is if you HAD to choose a reason to break up with someone, which would it be?

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  • If your not interested, don't force your self to stay in a relationshipt, that just makes it worse for both


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  • Well, in my case, my boyfriend broke it off yesterday because we were fighting all the time. Simple communication would have avoided it in our case, in which I was the only one who knew how :(


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