How does he feel after he broke up with me? Does he miss me?

We were together 4 days short of a year. He pretty much broke up with me bc of his parents. He wasn't an ass about it and still cares about me. He still wants to be my friend. But he broke up bc he has to take over the farm and his parents weren't sure if I was interested. He never asked me to help. But it hurts me so much bc he'd tell me it was forever. The last day before this happened he told me don't let anyone come between us. Then he went home and a few days later he broke up with me. I bawled my eyes out infront of him. And he kept holding me and saying sorry. I was mad he did this and it hurt so much. He said sorry he still wants me in his life. He told me "this hurts me too because I'm losing you. Your so amazing" I told him he doesn't have to. We can work it out. He just said sorry. I did so much for him.
He said it hurts him but he didn't cry or anything. And a girl was interested in him a couple days after and he told me (Ik he wasn't cheating we were together every day and he's not an ass) but then he found out yesterday that girl really didn't like him she just goes around to any guy she can get her hands on. He texted me 8 times last night about that. But really how does he feel after he broke up with me. Would have he cried over me? Like I am with him. Or is he really hurting? He would tell me I meant everything to him and he doesn't want anything else. And he'd say it's amazing what I've done for him. Is he hurting as much as I am?


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  • It's an excuse to end a relationship.. His no longer into hun. :( don't be friends with him right now.. Wait til you have moved on or just leave him alone. Find someone who's going to love you and wouldn't let you over a *coughs..* farm..


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