How did I handled this situation with a jerk of an ex boyfriend?

How did I handled this situation with a jerk of an ex boyfriend?

In the beginning he promised to take me place, which never happened, canceled on me a few times but asked me to be patient with him that he was going through some things in his life. Then he all of the sudden breaks up with me by telling me he needs to love himself first. I back off but he insists he wants to see me again. We make plans and he again cancels on me a few minutes before our meeting and then asked me to reschedule. I was so fed up at this point that I dropped him, cut my loses, never contacted him again and moved on.

Well, my birthday was a few weeks ago and apparently he wished me Happy Birthday on his Facebook page, not mine so I never saw it. Today my friends who are also his friends on FB told me that he wished me Happy Birthday on his page a few weeks ago but deleted the entry. So I wanted to be nice, so I emailed him this: Thank you for the birthday wishes, sorry I missed it. Hope all is well.



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  • You did good. If he's bein a jerk you just got to forget about him


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  • You were on the right path and think that you should stay on it. Just because he wished you a happy birthday doesn't warrant him a conversation. If he wanted that then he would've contacted you directly to congratulate you for another year on this planet. Keep moving forward and don't get involved with the messaging unless you want to open up a package that you were finally able to tape shut. If he had issues going on in his life then those issues are still present, he needs to deal with them b4 bringing in another party. He hopefully is doing the right thing and addressing his issues without having to balance a relationship that will be doomed for failure because he does not have the energy to focus on both. Consider him to have done you a favor and be thankful that you are a bright lady to not have sat around for years waiting on him to get it together. Good Job! And Good Luck!

    • Thank you! You are a sweetheart. I feel he is scare to face me. I was just simply being polite and I feel good about how I have handled this situation so far. Thanks again.

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