Girls, what does this mean on Instagram?

My ex girldfriend (who broke up 1 year ago) is a typical 22 year old. She use social medias a lot. I am in my 30s and also an active user of social medias, but not nearly as much as her :)
She updates her Instagram at least 3 times a day, same goes with her blog, Facebook etc. Sometimes she get many likes, other times she just get a very few. But I have never seen her delete a post. Untill now!
Friday some dude commented on her post, and she replied back. It was all petnames like "sweety" etc. There has never been any signs prior to this that she was dating. In the evening he posted a picture of them working out together, and the next morning she would post a picture of him while the were shopping together... So I asmue he had spend the night.
Anyway. Sunday morning she had deleted the picture she posted with him, and they no long like/comment on each others stuff...

Since I am 10 years older then her, I am not 100% up2date with how young girls use these social medias. But I do know that this is such an unusual behavior of her that it made me wonder..

Guess I am looking for girls around the same age, who is also very active online, to reply to this and tell me: is it safe to say that whatever was going on between them, it ended badly?


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  • Yeah I think it's safe to say something badly happened between them that made her delete everything. I wouldn't do that unless the person really made me angry or upset.

    • What I thought as well :)
      I could not come with any other reason why she wants him removed suddenly. I dont know if she still follows him. haven't checked.

    • He deleted the photo he posted of them as well... Wow... That did not end well

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  • Well honestly it is a bad sign if they both are uploading each other on their social media, I personally would be bothered, maybe if he's gay it may be another story haha. You should find out from her personally


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