Guys, He is Driving me up a wall?

me and my ex dated for 6 years. Whe broke up about 6 months ago adn he is dating someone else. Recently, we met up and he said he wanted to get back, but his gfs dad died and he can't leave her now. However, i never know where i stand with him he ignores me and i do not know how to reach him. Guys, help please


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  • Just move on and find someone new, you're wasting your time here. Just accept that he's with someone else and leave him alone. I'm not being mean here but say he ditches his current woman and then comes back to you; how can you be sure he won't ditch you for someone else? Just because you were with him for six years doesn't mean getting back together will work out, I have seen couples get back together and split up again.


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