Is it weird to text ur ex after 3 months have passed?

is it weird to text ur ex after 3 months have passed? wanting a few answers because things ended abruptly in an argument and u were in a 3 yr relationship.. guys what would u think? im the one who told him not to contact me again because he got up and left from an argument we had in public over somethng stupid.. and i just want to know y..
but shouldn't he have put his pride down and contacted me? he's the one that left me in public.. crying.. would it b a mistake to contact him, dont want to be blindsided or vulnerable jst because i love him...


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  • I wouldn't not this its weird.. Time as passed and if it was a silly argument why end of that. 3 years is along time. Send him a text.


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  • A lot of people say and do things in the heat of the moment, especially after an argument. The only way you will know for sure why he reacted the way he did would be to ask him directly.

    Three years is a long time , and it would be sad to never speak again. Personally, i would swallow my pride and contact him, even if it was just to end the relationship on good terms rather than it ending abruptly.


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