Why did he end our relationship when he says he still loves me?

I dated a guy for a year, however half of our relationship was long distance. He flew me down a couple times to visit him and constantly said how much he missed me, loved me and couldn't wait to see me over the Christmas break. He has now been home for a month and has decided to leave again and move somewhere else to pursue an athletic career. On New Years he said that we needed to break up because he was leaving again. Nevertheless, he wanted to (and usually did) see me everyday since he's been home and now wants to go for lunch tomorrow to say goodbye as its his last day. (note: I did not have sex with him since New Years). Is he being honest? Does he actually want to end our relationship because he's leaving? I'm just so confused! If a guy really loved you, wouldn't he want to make it work? Help! I feel like he's not being honest.


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  • Long distance relationships are just hard to maintain.

    My friend ever told me that his girlfriend was going to study in the States (we live in Singapore, Asia), and his girlfriend wanted to continue the relationship and stay in Singapore instead.

    However he refused.

    He explained to me that you can't make your girlfriend carry the burden of the relationship overseas between the both of you, and that would be selfish.

    It sounds selfish of him to want to stop the relationship, but I felt that there is an element of truth in what he said.

    He wanted to give his girlfriend the freedom to choose, and if she comes back after all her studying, then it is meant to be.

    And he doesn't want his girlfriend to ever blame him next time, saying that he is the reason that limited her career path.

    We can't have the best of both worlds all the time, so maybe that's what your boyfriend meant.


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