How did he go from telling me im the only one he wants one day to dumping me the next time he seen me?

he would always say i am the most amazing girl he's ever had and he was so lucky to have me, and i do so much for him and he loves me more than anyone in this world, and last Thursday we were so good like we went to the bar and im not really social so i sat alone while he went and danced with his friends i seen him dance with another girl but i trusted him and he came and told me and kissed me and was like im so sorry i just giggled because i thought it was cute he felt so bad and it wasn't even a big deal. then he just kept telling me he doesn't wanna lose me i mean everything to him and don't let anyone come between us and he kept kissing me. well it felt so good and that night i fell asleep in his arm and everything was amazing. the next day he went back home and then he calls me while im at work and tells me he's home and to come over after and he loves me, so i go over and everything was fine he was hugging me and stuff then i went to go to his room and he sits me down and tells me he can't come to the concert that was suppose to be our one year anniversary date because his roomates were moving out and i got a little emotional over that because i planned it for months how perfect it be. then he tells me he can't do this anymore he's breaking up with me and it was so shocking. he told me his parents hinted to him that i wasn't interested in their farm but he never really talked to me about that and he never asked me to help or i would have. i am so confused how he can go from that and telling me he never wants to leave me and im the one he wants forever to this. then i needed some closure bc he never really told me what happened, and he said his parents didn't like it when i'd sleep in when we were there but he never woke me up or asked me to help, and id always go clean up their kitchen.
why did he end it when he promised me he'd never hurt me or leave me :( i miss him so much he was my first boyfriend and first love... is he going to miss me?

he did hint to me two weeks before that I needed to help out more at the farm to prove to his parents we could take over the farm and I wanted to help. he told me he would understand if I didn't wanna do that and we'd stay friends but I even told him I really do wanna start learning. and he told me he doesn't want me like hugging or holding his hand in public. which kinda hurt because I just wanted to show him off but I promised him id change why didn't he let me prove this :( why did he end it


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  • Wow. That's odd. Some people do seem overload with their "love" because they think they have to do it. Maybe its part of his game. I don't know. Sounds super confusing.


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